If you know the meaning of any of the following words – GTL, Snookie , Smushing, Guidette… then you definitely are a Jersey Shore Fan!! (If you dont, then i  shall put a little Jersey dictionary in this post below). Seriously people , as brainless as that show is…it is freakishly addictive!! Well, Nyx Cosmetics seems to think so too, because their brand new Leopard Couture Palette is inspired by Jersey- leopard prints, smokey eyeshadows, and ofcourse no Jersey Girl is complete without a whole set of Bronzers ! I am just drooling over how gorgeous the palette looks…

 The only thing stopping me from splurging on this little animal inspired book of beauty is that the bottom 12 eyeshadows are a bit too on the grayish side. I wish they had browns instead of that..i would have snapped it up in a heartbeat and proudly flashed it everywhere! And look- A leopard printed blush! How cute is that!! The She-Leopard in me is roaring with lust .(Do Leopard roar? Or do they Growl? IS there something called a she-leopard?) Dumb Question. There obviously are She- Leopards, otherwise there would be no such thing as baby leopards…

Price: 25$ on the Nyx Website, Cheaper on Porkdaisy

The Jersey Dictionary:
  • GTL : Gym, Tan, Laundry
  • Snookie: A character in Jersey shore, just about 4 feet tall and a huuuugge pouf on her head. So tanned, she looks almost orange
  • Smushing: Sex
  • Guidette : Slang for Italian Chick
You like? Or No Like?

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