If blushes were human beings, then Nyx Terracotta Blush would be the child of Mac Sunbasque (Father) and Mac Margin (Mother). Like all kids, it has qualities of both its parents- the apricot colored warmth  of Sunbasque, and the shimmery gold highlighterness of its mother..add to that a bit  more spunky shimmerness that all of us have in our youth, and you have yourself a little darling offspring called Nyx Terracotta!(Not to be pronounced like Tera-kutta…that has a whole different meaning in hindi)

Nyx Terracotta Blush- The Color
Terracotta , like mentioned above is a bit of a cross between sunbasque and margin. It has been well documented by beauty obsessed girls over the internet that it is an exact dupe of  Mac sunbasque, while others say it is an exact dupe for MAC Margin. In reality it is a bit of both. It is a  deep apricot – orange color with lots of gold shimmer in it. You can say its a bit of rust, a bit of peach..just a great color for my medium skin tone, or even darker.

Now, i am not a shimmer blush fan honestly, i dont like being a disco ball with chunks of glitter all around my face…however for the night -time, this is a great color. It can be worn alone for a nice warm flush, or it can be worn as a highlighter. I specially love wearing this as a highlighter over Mac Peaches. It sets off the peachyness of MAC Peaches to perfection with all the gold flecks in it.

One down side of this, is that the shimmer is not very fine in places- sometimes there are chunky pieces in there. So if you put too much, it can become overpoweringly glittery. Moderateness is the key to success with Terracotta, otherwise it becomes a bit of a fussy child, covering your face with glitter specks. Not pretty. But work with it calmly, and it will work with you!

General Thoughts on Nyx Blushes:
Nyx Blushes are finely milled, very pigmented and blendable .  I think you get more than your moneys worth with the price you pay for them. Because theyr so fine, a lot of the powder tends to get deposited around the container when you dip your brush in, but nothing that a little blow of aircannot handle. The down side to them is that they dont last  long at all , averaging about 3 hours wear on me which is really their major weakness.

Overall Verdict: 3.5/5 or B+

Will I repurchase: I want more Nyx blushes for sure!

Price: Rs  520/- from Urban Touch, Cheaper from international websites

Recommendation: Its a gorgeous color for  my medium and darker skin.. has so much warmth to complement indian skin tones, and works stunningly as a golden highlighter. I wish the glitter was more fine milled because you do run the risk of going OTT with this, and i wish it lasted longer as well. Thats a pain point with most Nyx Products for me.

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