What’s the wildest thing you have done? I wish i had a really crazy answer to that, but honestly…I was always the good girl, rule abiding, straight A (i just had to brag) student…not too much scope for wild things. The only crazy thing i remember doing was walking in the hills at midnight to reach a  graveyard  with two friends. It was a really lonely and long stretch of road  and there was a HUGE graveyard at the end of it- complete with a R.I.P written on the creaky doors. Scary stuff, but not necessarily wild. Anyway, i thought i should unleash the wild child in me with Nyx ‘Wild’ Nailpolish. 

The Color
Wild by Nyx is a deep eggplant purple with an almost metallic finish to it. If you look closely, you might catch some magenta reflects in it, but you would need microscopic eyes for that. Its just a high shine deep purple. The thing with deep purples is that they very easily can end up looking just black, but this one doesn’t. It retains its purple-ness and is such a  great color for fall! I always feel like digging into my deep reds, and navy’s and rich purples as the cooler months approach.

The Application & Quality
Here is where the fairytale ends. This nailpolish , true to its name is a bit of a wild child in application. It takes you 3 coats to get the color on the bottle, but thats not even the problem. It is super streaky and thin on application…so you really need to be patient and work hard to ensure a smooth and even coat. It has a tendency to just run around and migrate out of your nail area too- it is quite thin in consistency. It does dry quickly though- have to give it that.

Overall Verdict 2.5/5 or B-

Will I Repurchase: No

Price: Rs 280/-

Recommendation: As gorgeous as the color is, i cant help but feel ripped off because of the super thin and completely streaky application . I managed to get a fairly smooth coat, but i had to work at it to ensure it didnt look streaky. 

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