With the wedding season approaching , or rather with the lack of more things for me to post about, i thought i would go  back in time to show you guys some more of the pictures from my cousins wedding. For the record, i am the only 23+ unmarried girl in the family (*Insert Shock , Gasp and Horror by Punjabi Aunties along with statements like ‘Yr too tall, you wont find a guy’ ..’Yr too educated, you wont find someone more succesful than you’…Yawn*) . Anyhoo, remember the pale pink and silver saree i wore to my cousins wedding here ? That was soft , pretty and elegant..on the reception i wanted something bright and modern- hence the lime green and pink. I somehow own only net sarees. My mom has given up on me, i just dont get attracted to anything else !

Saree: From my local Boutique called ‘Scarlett’ Rs 12000/- 
The whole ‘Desi Girl’ trend with the sequinned petticoat under the saree was huge at the time, and hence you can see my shimmery silver petticoat. Im not sure how i feel about that.
Shoes: Okay, i wore FLATS with this saree. See my feet? That’s a random chappal that i wear around the house. I didnt plan it like that but by the time we got through the functions and reached the reception i was so darn exhausted , and my feet were giving up on me. I sacrificed style for comfort *hides face*
Clutch :(See photo below) Satya Paul Rs 3000/-

Makeup i dont really remember honestly. The wedding was more than a year ago. I remember using Colorbar Just Earth, with MAC Sunbasque on top for the blush. I wore a gloss which is all but wiped off in these picures, and my eyes were a shimmery earthy green all over lid , with expensive pink in the crease. My hair is literally all over the place, it was a July wedding and it was sticky and hot ! Add to that wavy hair that have been blow dried and you have got yourself a recipe for messy frizziness!

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