If the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, the way to a woman’s is definitely  via jewellery…or chocolates :p . Looks like the boy understands that well. Remember how i told you about him being in Hong Kong to celebrate his friends bachelor party . Well he is back, and to make up for the poor network connection in Macau and a total lack of communication for three days, he comes bearing this Juicy Couture Bracelet and lots of chocolates !!

 The bracelet is pretty in itself , but the fact that he searched all of HK for a Juicy Couture shop, then walked with ALL his luggage to the only one he could find, after having slept for just 45 minutes the previous night  and literally on the verge of collapsing out of sheer exhaustion ..makes it even more special. Though it does make me wonder…WHY did they sleep for just 45 minutes the previous night?. One of his friends commented that “The Hangover will seem like Guzaarish, compared to what our trip has been like” . Gulp. 

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