I have been flirting with me latest crush- the Sleek Oh So Special Palette recently, and this is a quick look i came up with. Honestly, the Palette deserves atleast four different kinds of look given how versatile the colors are !But for now, lets stick to some pretty neutrals shall we?

I Used the following eyeshadows :
  1. Gateau All over Lid
  2. Wrapped up, in the Outer Corner
  3. Celebrate in the Crease
I am dying to do a look with organza, boxed and gift basket. Maybe soon! Another interesting look would be using celebrate or Glitz in a smokey eye ! 

What have you been wearing on your eyes lately?

In other news, my sister fought with a MAC MUA and now refuses to enter the MAC Store near our house. It is so annoying. She makes me go in, and then calls me from outside giving me instructions to swatch and buy ! Sigh! Ill tell you all about the fight sometime later..

The Boy is coming to town today. Happy times. He comes bearing gifts of Biryani and Haleem (is that how you spell it) from the land of Nawabs-Hyderabad!. I am sure i will be slightly fatter by the end of these 2 days!

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