There are two kinds of people in the world- those that believe Valentine’s Day is the day of love and go whole hog on it. Others that believe that “everyday should be a day of love” ..why single out one day just to fill the pockets of florists and greeting card retailers.  Oh wait..there is a third category too- the lunatics who go around ransacking eateries and shops on V-Day  since they say its non-Indian . (Umm..hello lunatics..have you seen the population of our country,  there is a whole lot of indian loving happening somewhere to have the number of babies we have here!) 

What side am i on? Neither? You can feel romantic whenever you want to and yes everyday should be a day of love, but if a day in a year reminds us of the fact that we should celebrate love (read : give your girlfriend gifts), i say go for it!  I will happily make a few retailers some thousand bucks richer, who cares? I got up feeling *romantic* today , i think it was because my hair was having a good naturally curly day, i always feel romantic when my hair looks like ringlets! I wonder how much love Julia Roberts must be feeling everyday- her hair is a mass of waves and curls. Love!

Products Used:
Sleek Eye shadow Palette “Oh So Special”
Nyx Extreme Plum Purple Eyeliner
Black Eye Pencil

Chambor Soft Rose Blush

Chambor Flowing Lipstick in ‘Innocent Rose’

Loreal Matte Morphose

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