Did you know that the ‘Smurfs’ in Hindi is titled ‘ Neele Natkhat ‘ (Blue Brats) !  Haha…Gosh, that is even worse than the Harry Potter Hindi Title ‘Maut ke taufe- antim kisht’ (Gifts of Death- Final edition) .  I have realised that there are some thing for which there are no words in hindi at all. For example ‘bow’, you know the cute little things we create with ribbons …whats a bow called in hindi?? Or for that matter- nail polish…so if i were to translate the title of my post in hindi, i really wouldnt be able to!! . Anyway, that aside..here is a super easy bow nail art i did with the stamping kit i got from born pretty store


  1.  Metal Stamping Plate 
  2. Base Nail Polish (I used Maybelline Colorama)
  3. A white Nail Polish for the Nail Art 
  4. Stamper, and Scraper
  5. Rhinestones

All of the above (except Maybelline), can be bought from www.bornprettystore.com and the total cost would be just 10$ !

Step 1: Choose a design from the stamping plate (I chose the bow one in the centre)
Step 2: Cover it with the nail polish of your choice. You can put drops, or just paint on it
Step 3: Use the scraper to scrape over the area, so that the nailpolish is concentrated in the bow, and not around it. 

Step 3: This is what the plate looks like, after you have scraped over it
Step 4: Take the stamper and press it down on the plate
Step 5: This is what the stamper looks like with the stamp engraved on top of it

Just press the stamp down on your nails, and attach a rhinestone in the centre of the bow. Done !

This was my first ever stint with nail art stamping (as you can tell it is not very neat), but it was pretty easy! I am now dying to try out the heart shaped nail plate design on the edges of the nails. How cute is that? Next time, i am doing a whole rhinestone encrusted one.

What is Born Pretty Store

If you are into nailpolish, or nail art then Born Pretty Store is a must visit website. It has all sorts of gadgets (yes gagdets), nailpolishes, rhinestones, peel off stickers, nail foils and shatters for the makeup lover. If you are into prettifying your nails , and love trying things out like marbling, and gradients and things like that then give it a whirl at www.bornprettystore.com .

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*Equipment provided by Brand

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