If you read my last post, you would know i have been travelling , and hence the lack of the barrage of daily posts. I  am in Hyderabad, and while i would love to go off and shop for some nyx  here and post about it , i have been doing some other very important things. (More disclosure on what important things  a little while later). Flights = Magazines to me, and these are some of the key fall makeup trends that i spotted flipping through them.

  • The Inverted Crease Eyeshadow: Usually , the shape we apply our eye makeup is kind of like a butterfly’s wing. It’s shortest in the inner corner, goes up to its highest point where the eyebrow arches, and then comes down. This fall, its kind of the opposite…the crease is highest in the inner corner of the eye, and then tapers down to your eye in the outer corner

  • Matte Lips: Red lips for fall? Shocker. Yes i know the dark lips trend comes in every season and is here to stay this fall as well. The lips are deep, but matte yet polished- kind of with a satiny texture to them

  • The Colored French manicure: Navy blue tips for nails? Yup! Move over french manicure, this one is WAY more interesting and SO easy to try

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