First of all, some super exciting news: You can now buy Essie, and Bobbi Brown in India !!! They are available online (with cash on delivery at along with top of the line makeup brands like Chanel, Burberry and more !!!! Go check it out…but come right back to this post okay!!!

Anyway moving on for now….you know as a kid, i loved everything peel off. I had cartoon bandages that would peel off, i loved putting fevicol all over my hands and peeling it off when dried (Admit it. You have done that too), and i even loved those tacky peel off tattoos. So i had a bit of a peel off moment when i saw these peel off eyeshadows from Coloron Pro: Its simple- apply it , press it, peel it, smudge it and you are done !

Choose a color (The pack comes with 5 different types of eyeshadows and a setting powder)

Place it on your eye with your fingers in V shape. Slightly press it and rub on top

Peel it off (Yay!)

Once off, this is how it looks. But wait, this is not the complete look
Take your finger and smudge the edges, for even coloring and a natural finish. Finish with using a setting powder on top so that the colors dont move and are not sticky.

Add liner and thats it !
Here is a dramatic fiery orange one i tried

A few pointers with using these:

  • The harder you press, the more pigment you get..i opted to keep it light , but you can press harder to get more color
  • Definitely recommend using the setting powder they give, else they seem sticky like cream eyeshadows do
  • Dont be scared looking at the brightness of color on the peelers, on the skin its a lot more subtle
  • The neutral/ smokey eye stickers give a much more natural look, i think those would be my favourites
  • Be creative! You can use these as starters, and then add bits of eyeshadow on top to areas which you feel need more depth- for a totally professional looking eyeshadow
  • Smudging the shadow with your fingers is very important. Dont forget that step!
  • Choose your colors wisely- there are TONS of kits to choose from
A video to show you how these work!

Overall Verdict :3.5/5  or B+

Price: Rs 1790/- (for a kit of 10 types of eyeshadow and setting powder)

Where to buy this stuff:

Overall, i think if you are new to makeup, or you are a bride to be who needs some quick options to do your makeup yourself on small functions, then these are VERY handy to have around. They can be applied by a total novice and they come out pretty well! If you are a seasoned eyeshadow girl and love the real thing, you probably wont love the finish they give….but nice to have around for emergencies! They dont crease as much as cream eyeshadows do, which is always a good thing!

Disclaimer: Product provided by PR . Honest Review. Pinky Swear.

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