Today has been an exceptionally Thai-full (i know thats not a word) day…it started with a trip to the Aroma Thai Spa for a Foot Spa Treatment, followed by a dinner of  Prawn Tempura, Thai Curry and Rice and  is ending  with me typing this out with the laptop on my ‘thai’. Okay. Lame. I know. 

From the minute you step into Aroma Thai Spa, you feel you have entered into a  somewhat different realm. Right from the greeting ‘Swadhika’ to the Slippers they slip onto your feet, to the wide drawstring pyjamas they give you  and  the serene, quiet way in which the staff converses with you.

The Pyjamas they give you
The Thai Slippers

My Foot Spa Experience
Step 1: Cleansing 
After slipping into your pyjamas and getting out of your high heels, you are first taken to cleanse your feet in warm water in  one of the above water baths. Your masseuse will greet and introduce herself to you, ask you about the water temperature, and then proceed to cleanse your feet.

Step 2:The Spa Room
After the cleansing, you are taken into the place where the actual massage takes place. Its dark, very quiet, with soft thai (i assume ) music in the background and the aroma of essential oils wafting through the air. Jasmine, Lavender even mint..its all a light concoction of smells that will surely put you to sleep! 

The actual Spa was hugely relaxing. It started softly with gentle strokes going down the length of the foot, and then moved on to pressure points on the foot being pressed by wooden sticks, to warm and cool oils being rubbed down the length of the calf. I love how my feet were treated like a precious gem, kept wrapped under thick towels or covered in essential oils and placed gently on a wooden stool. It really was princess style pampering to the ultimate level. The ‘Boy’ often says that apart from IQ and EQ, i also have a PQ (Pampering Quotient)…Well today the PQ shot through the roof !

And when they say ‘Foot Massage’ they really mean about 50 minutes of foot massage followed by a hugely relaxing head massage for about 7 minutes with warm towels on your face. This is then followed by a short but effective back massage to take all your stress away !

Average Price for a Foot Spa: Rs 1000/- (Mine was a basic one, but there are a ton of other varieties)
Average Price for a Body Massage: Rs 2000/- to Rs 3000/-

Would i Recommend it? Totally!!! I cant say about other branches, but this one in Ambience Mall, Gurgaon is definitely a great one to help you relax!

*The Experience Provided by PR of Aroma Thai. Honest Review. Always !

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