Is it christmas already? I sure think so, because the Body Shop Hi Shine Lip Treatment in ‘Cherry Glimmer’ almost begs to be decorated on a christmas tree as an ornament. A Cherry red with multicolored micro shimmer (which is very fine and not gritty at all) , it really does scream christmas to me!

Body Shop Claims “A range of ultra-shiny, sheer tinted, wet-look lip glosses that offer intense moisturisation and conditioning for the lips. Each subtly scented with a passion fruit fragrance. Dermatologically tested.”

Cutting through the marketing jargon of a ‘Hi Shine Lip Treatment’, these little tubes are essentially lip glosses.The best thing about these is how long they last on the lips- they are easily the longest lasting lip glosses i have ever tried, with the glossiness remaining for over six hours on me. This obviously comes at a price- they definitely are thick and very sticky so if that is your pet peeve you may want to avoid it! 

They are semi sheer, the kind of pigmentation you see in most glosses, and depending on which shade you choose you can get one with some or no shimmer. The pigmentation levels are really good in the darker / brighter shades but weaker in the lighter shades. They are quite moisturizing and will keep your lips soft, supple and protected .

Overall Verdict : 3.5/5 or B+

Price: Rs 575/-

Will I repurchase: One is enough.

Recommendation: Cherry glimmer is a  christmassy red with some shimmer, and though i dislike shimmery glosses this one is actually really pretty! The best thing about these are that they are the longest lasting lip glosses i have tried. They are definitely very thick and sticky though, so the texture is not the best.

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