Makeup can be a piece of art, just like todays Fridays 5- unique products that you can sit , and admire and be in awe of..even frame them on your wall….they are just too pretty to use! In this case, they are all way too expensive to use for me too!

Guerlain Parure De Nuit Pressed Powder and Blush (Holiday 2011 Collection)
Can you even imagine dipping a brush into this thing? I want to frame it up on my wall!
Lancome St Honore Blush
Lancome does it every time with their blush. Last year was that glorious blush with butterflies fluttering across it, and this time its the eiffel tower.

Chanel Les Aquarelles Collection Highlighter
Diamonds in a compact form anyone? The brilliance in the photograph is blinding me, i wonder how good it will look in real life!

MAC Art of Powder Eyeshadow Palette
Graffitti in an eyeshadow palette. Can MAC Get any more brilliant? Reviews of this palette are pretty terrible though, but its just nice to look at isn’t it ?
Giorgio Armani Fall 2011 Jacquard Eyeshadow Palette                                                                     
This one i might consider using, since the colors are so lovely- just my type of eyeshadows !!

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