Longer -Stronger -Better may well sound like the tag line of a Horlick’s advertisement, but really its just what Garnier claims its Long and Strong Range can do. Their ads disturb me- you know the way the woman pulls a truck with her hair alone. Ouch. I can almost feel the pain in my scalp.

Garnier Claims
“Smoothes Hair Without Heaviness”
“Detangles Unruly Hair”
“Helps Prevent Breakage and Split Ends”

What I Like

  • It does smoothen my hair without making it oil or heavy. My hair feels softer and smoother
  • It detangles my hair a lot more so after a shower, it is really easy to comb through. Kind of like what Livon Silky Potion used to do !
  •  It adds some shine to my hair. Not the ‘Omg her hair blinds me ‘ variety, but there is a slight glossy effect!
  • It is light, so it doesnt make your hair oily or sticky looking

What i dont really like

  • It smells like ‘Chameli ka Tel’ (Jasmine Oil) and its REALLY not pleasant. I am reminded of those huge wrestlers  in Indian villages getting a body massage from a local masseuse when i smell it. Ick. The good thing though is that the smell doesnt transfer on to the hair too much because you need just a little bit of serum. But the thing is , you know when im getting ready for a date, i dont want anything even close to Chameli Ka Tel near me!
  • I didnt see it being too effective on frizziness, or making my hair stronger (Iv been using this for 3 weeks now)
 Overall Verdict 3.5/5 or B+
Price: Rs 199/-
Would I repurchase:I dont quite know, maybe since its so affordable.
Recommendation: I think  whats nice about this serum is how it detangles and smoothens your hair without making it oily  (All other  serums do that to me :(   ) . I dont really think it helps prevent breakage though, but its a very nice serum for the price- if it didnt smell the way it did, it would have probably scored better.

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