Desperate times call for desperate measures. It was at one such desperate time, when i had totally run out of any primer/ eyeshadow base and my eyes were begging for some makeup that i had a bit of a eureka moment. Now , not having an eye makeup base may not seem a desperate time to some, but i have eyelids which have natural folds in them and have uneven coloring..if i dont put a base, within half an hour my eyeshadow starts looking wrinkly and creasing on me. Major Eeeks. 

Well, anyway so i grabbed my Garnier Tinted Under Eye Roll On and slathered it across my eyelid. For a while i looked like an extra terrestial creature with a lemon yellow blob on my lid, but after patting it down with my finger, i used that as a base for the makeup to come. The result:

  • More vivid color
  • Evening out of skin tone
  • No Creasing (This is what sealed it for me, since creasing is a major issue for me)
  • A marginally longer wear time (Though definitely not as good as what other makeup bases can provide)
Overall, as a stop gap measure, it definitely did the job!!

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