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by mehak on September 28, 2011

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I have a love hate relationship with online shopping . I love how it gives me access to all brands with one click and the rush i feel when i open my package  to look at my goodies. More often than not however, i am dissapointed- swatches on the website are NEVER reflective of the actual color or the package never reaches me :( . Anyhow, having had my share of triumphs and failures with international shopping websites, i thought i would give you the low down on which ones i think are the best ones

Clothing Websites

  • (Clothing + Beauty)

Absolutely FAVOURITE place to shop online. The style as well as sheer variety of  clothes you find here is unparalleled. It is slightly on the expensive side but i think its completely worth it. The only thing is, even though they have free shipping now , diff people have diff experiences. Some complain that the package reaches them in a months time and they have to pay customs on it, while others get their package in  days flat with no extra cost. I have been lucky with it so far
Shipping: Free
Stocks: Clothes and some beauty like Benefit, Nars etc


Super Duper Cheap clothing from China. Not the best quality but some very savvy styles specially for the price. Their customer service is not the best, and sometimes you will open your package to find that one item has been exchanged for something else, but overall i have ordered like 4 times from here and keep going back because its so affordable. There are a lot of shipping options and the cheapest is China Mail, but i always choose JCEX . Its super fast (6 day delivery) and you can track your package from shipping to delivery
Shipping: Depends on method of choice and weight of packet. I choose JCEX usually but China Mail starts at about 3 $, JCEx starts at 7$.
Stocks: Clothes and Accessories


Piperlime stocks Banana Republic, Gap, Old Navy and Piper Lime itself. Nothing is super  cheap, but its not sky high either and has top notch quality brands. The catch- they add a customs cost along with the shipping cost and the price shoots through the roof !!!! 
Shipping: VERY Expensive because its DHL and also adds Duty & VAT
Stocks: Banana Republic, J Brand, True Religion, and LOTS more!

Only Beauty Websites
Cherry Culture stocks Nyx, Milani, Eyeko, LA Colors, and a host of other US drugstore brands.I love the format of the store, but i haven’t had a brilliant experience with them because my package didnt reach me. This was only with me though , everyone else has usually had a really good experience with cherry culture.
Shipping: Cheapest is USPS International , can be anything upwards of 5 dollars
Stocks: Nyx, Milani, Jordana, Eyeko, LA Colors
Its another Cherry Culture -esque website. Stocks the same brands like Nyx , Milani , Jordana. I ordered once from here and it arrived within ten days so i was happy with it!
Shipping: Cheapest is USPS International , can be anything upwards of 5 dollars
Stocks: Nyx, Milani, Jordana, Eyeko, LA Colors

Another Cherry Culture/ Beauty Joint clone. I dont love the format of the website, but if you want Nyx at cheap prices then its really good!
Shipping: Cheapest is USPS International , can be anything upwards of 5 dollars
Stocks: Mostly Nyx

Stocks a whole host of brands ranging from high end ones like YSL and Chanel to mid range brands like theBalm, Too Faced, Smashbox, MAC  to low end ones like Pixie. It has a super impressive brand list. The catch-there is very limited variety for each brand so you will have to search for things you like but you are likely to get it at a pretty high discount. I definitely think its one of the best places to buy international brands online.
Shipping: Free
Stocks: A LOT Of things
Sleek is not really a website, but a brand . I LOVE their I-Divine eyeshadow palettes . They are totally worth it for 10.50$ + shipping of 10.50$ . So 20$ and you have 12 eyeshadows. They always reach on time, and the shipping is reliable

Shipping: 10$ approx
Stocks: Eyeshadow Palettes, Pout Polishes and more

Apart from the above there is E-bay (Joys Cosmetics store), there are brands like Illamasqua which ship to India.

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rupali February 18, 2012 at 6:47 pm

I saw ur site when browsing my net. Got some good sites to order
products which i dnt get in India. And i ordered few of them , but i culdnt
get urban decay naked 2 palette & maybelline 24 hrs. concealer, i heard itz very nice. plsss suggest sm sites which deal with sm discounts.
liked ur contact name peachesandblush

bye dear , hope hear from u again………


mehak February 18, 2012 at 6:52 pm

Urban Decay isnt available anywhere in India. Only via ebay and with huge shipping fee!! Same story with Maybelline 24 hr!


Diyah Mirzah August 6, 2012 at 10:50 pm

i have never bought anything from international website
but i would love to
i want to know how much i will have to pay if i buy something from them
like in,nyx primer cost $12.00
that means Rs.660 approx. (because as in now $1 = Rs.55 approx.)
but in some indian websites i saw that nyx primer costs more than Rs.1500 so my question is when i buy it from,will i have to pay 660Rs or as same as the price shown in indian websites? i want to know if its the same thing with all other sites also

buhbye :) xoxo


manushree December 22, 2012 at 12:27 pm

R u sure these above mentioned beauty products websites charges no extra fees 4 shippin in india???

plz reply.. i luved various products n cant wait 2 buy them.


aliya January 23, 2014 at 12:47 pm

Hi Asos is no longer free delivery as they add a 37-40% customs duty even before they dispatch the items out!


Kan March 15, 2014 at 12:09 am

Hi, is there normally any customs/duty to be paid on cosmetic items shipped to India from say, UK for items amounting to over a certain value (e.g. 5000 INR)?


varshikha April 29, 2014 at 4:50 pm

hey i want all those products in indian currency but unable to do so plz. help….


anshika August 23, 2015 at 12:01 pm

hey i was wondering if you could help me find some international websites that ship to India on cash on delivery. since they normally ask for visa cars that i dont own so f you could help me with it.


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