Whenever my grandmom describes a hot pink she says its a ‘Rani Pink’ literally translating into ‘Queen Pink’ ! What she is referring to is simply a hot pink, i dont know where the ‘Rani’ word comes from. Is it from the carrom board where the queen disc is hot pink in color? Anyway, if that is where it comes from then i am sure this too would have been described by her as a ‘rani pink’ too!!
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Lakme Enrich Satin #135
If neon hot pinks scare you, then you can be eased into wearing them with Lakme Enrich Satin #135. Its definitely a bright hot pink but a more wearable one because it lacks the neon-ness that happens if someoone wears a lipstick like MAC Impassioned- which just screams for attention. Its also a warm toned bright pink so it works well on Indian Skin Tones. I definitely think this is one of the prettiest hot pinks on my skin tone , and i really wish this came in Maybellin Colorsensational Range  as well! It has a satin-ish feel to it, and has some shine and no shimmer in it- just how i like my bright lipstick to be !
General Thoughts on Lakme Enrich Satin Lipsticks
They are not my favourite lipsticks in the world, but i find them nice to experiment with what kind of colors work for me, since they are so affordable!  They dont glide on as smoothly or are as creamy as other lipsticks,but they are decently pigmented which is half the battle. I dont love the finish they give- they do tend to settle into lines and leave a stain behind, but they definitely come in some of the prettiest shades and very suited for indian skin tones.
Overall Verdict 3/5 or B
Will I repurchase: Depends on what shade
Price: Rs 225/-
Recommendation: Its a really really pretty bright pink, one  which is slightly more subtle than those shocking pinks that you might be afraid to carry off and is warm so will suit most indian skin tones. Its also the kind of hot pink that can transition easily from day to night. Lakme Enrich Satin lipsticks are pigmented, but they dont have the best texture in my opinion. I think they are great to experiment with though- in terms of which colors suit you.

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