I’v been sitting in front of my computer staring into space for fifteen minutes trying to start this post. What has got me all disturbed is seeing Himesh Reshammiya (Indian Singer who sings through his nose/ Failed Actor to those who dont know him) come on tv for yet another movie trailer. Why Must He Act ? Oh. Why? Sigh. (Hey that rhymed!)
Anyway, yes so back to some non- nasal action- we have the Liz Earle Skin Repair Moisturizer here today!

Liz Earle Claims

“This perfectly balanced moisturiser softens, smoothes and conditions skin for a naturally healthy glow.Rich in natural actives, including borage oil (a rich source of the essential fatty acid GLA) and natural antioxidants beta-carotene and vitamin E to replace lost moisture and help protect normal/combination skin.

I Say..
Ill keep this short and to the point. If you are someone with very dry skin, you will probably like this a lot since it is VERY rich. This is the one meant for normal skin , i cant even imagine how rich the one for dry skin must be. If you are an oily girly, then i dont think it will be your favourite moisturizer at all, though they do make one which is light- for you girls.
I have combination- dry skin, and though i love how this smells. (It kind of smells like a baby’s batootie..in a nice way ) and it just feels kind of luxurious when you put it on, i dont really love the texture of it. I find it  a bit too heavy and thick , and it just sits on my skin . It does moisturize really well- very deep rich hydration which is fantastic, but its so rich that my skin feels a bit suffocated after wearing it/

Overall Verdict : 3/5 or B

Will I repurchase: No

Recommendation: Its a thick, rich moisturizer which gives you intense hydration, which girls with very dry skin will probably like. I can see myself turning to it a lot during winter months when i have flaky skin but  I just find the texture too thick …it almost creates this film on top of my skin which i dont really like. 

PS: Product sent by Brand. Honest Review. Pinky Promise.

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