L’Occitane Launches Green Tea and Jasmine Collection

by mehak on September 20, 2011

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 L’Occitane pays tribute to this little flower in the shape of a star: a mythical and ancestral ingredient in the fragrance history, which exudes its refined and powerful scent when comes the summer in Provence. The jasmine flower shares its perfume only at night. Its hypnotizing fragrance envelops the air – entrancing everyone who encounters the aroma.

Green Tea EDT:100 ml:Rs 2995
To make this fragrance, L’OCCITANE has chosen a high quality jasmine cultivated in Grasse, Provence: grandiflorumjasmine. The green tea blends naturally with jasmine and exudes a subtle floral

Green Tea Solid Perfume:9 grm: Rs 600-(Limited Edition) 
This solid perfume without alcohol perfumes the skin with the fresh, luminous and floral fragrance of Green Tea with Jasmine. 

Green Tea Soap:100 grms: Rs 290-(Limited Edition)
This soap gently cleanses the hands and perfumes them with the luminous and floral fragrance of Green Tea with Jasmine. 

Green Tea Hand Cream 75 ml : Rs 995-(Limited Edition)

A silky cream delicately scented with the fresh and floral fragrance of Green Tea with Jasmine. It brings comfort and softness. A perfect product to protect, nourish, and soften the skin any time of the day.

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