There are some things, which are never what they seem to be . Like Subway Salads..they say 9 grams of fat only, but honey once you put in that Mayo and Southwest dressing, it aint 9 grams no more!! Or take for example matrimonial advertisements, the ‘handsome and young looking dashing punjabi boy’ in reality is a middle aged balding Lala. Another such decieving product that i layed my hands on recently is this L’oreal  Resist and Shine Titanium Nail Polish in Navy Velvet. It has all the makings of a gorgeous navy nail polish- a lush navy color, with gorgeous turquoise and silver microsihmmer, but in reality it doesn’t quite deliver.

The single most annoying thing about nail polishes is that they dont stay true to the color in the bottle, and this is what happens with this one too. See how gorgeous and blue the color looks in the bottle, and how different it looks on the nails- almost like a deep inky black. Mr Nailpolish, i paid money for you because i wanted some deep indigo  blue and some shimmer-glimmer not a streaky midnight sky !

The polish looks so different in the bottle, versus on the nails :(

The polish looks much prettier in pictures, but in real life as i look down on my nails i am really dissapointed. It looks shiny and gorgeous the first 5 minutes, but the shine fades and then you are left with a basic inky black. The good thing about this though is that it dries really quick, and 2 coats give you opaqueness.

Its still a pretty color- no doubt. Very edgy and nice for winters, i just dont like it when i dont get the same color on the bottle!

Price Rs 325/-
Rating: 3/5 or B

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