B14 may very well be mistaken for the size of a ..err…an item of women’s lingerie  , but really it is only Nyx’s shading brush called B14 (Thank god for that- because who wears lingerie of B14 size???)..

What Nyx says about the B14 Brush?
Nothing! It just says its a shading brush!

 My View
So here is the thing- there is a huge dearth of affordable, and good quality makeup brushes in India. Vega just doesn’t cut it for me so when i saw this , i was REALLY eager to try it out.
Its got all its basics right for starters : Soft bristles, picks up colors reasonably  well, blends easily, comfortable handle, non pokey etc etc. The bristles are also packed well together- not too tight and not too loose. 

Now the problem lies in two things- size and shape. The shape is identical to that of an eyeshadow shading brush and thats what Nyx says it is (used to place eyeshadow on to your eyes and shade between two colors)  but it is way TOO huge and too fluffy to be used as a shading brush. The thickness doesn;t allow it too pack on the color , and the size limits how precise you can get for application. I mean..look at it, only a female (or cross dressing) elephant  can use this for shadow application. 

For me, it works better as a blending brush- the size is ideal for sweeping color under your brow bone, or blending out your crease area upwards to your eyebrows- though the shape is not, i would much rather have the rounded shape.Its a bit of a catch 22 situation- shape of an eyeshadow shader, but thickness of a blending brush makes it quite tricky to work with.

Overall Verdict: 3/5 or B

Will I repurchase: Definitely other nyx brushes. Not this one.

Price: Rs 280/-

Recommendation: Quality wise, this brush is great quality with soft, smooth  bristles that pick up color reasonably well. The problem lies in the size and shape- its just too huge  and too thick for a regular shading brush, and doesn’t have the ideal rounded shape for a blending brush. It  really limits what i can use it for

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