Absolutely no time for indepth reviews at the moment, but i shall show you guys whats most important and you can judge for yourself! These  are the result of online shopping- both shades which looked so different in the color swatch and so different in real life! (Btw- i ordered a Deborah Milano lipstick online in which the swatch looks pinkish brown, the shade name is rosetto …and guess what the actual color is – Bright Neon Orange! Eeek…perils of shopping online !!!!)

Nyx Gardenia Round Lipstick Swatch

Gardenia is a bright ruby-ish pink. Its not neon or in your face, and i find it a nice way to wear a brighter pink without going over the top! Mostly i wear it as a tint, and wear a nude-ish lipgloss over it to tone it down, but if you are a fearless brights girl then go right ahead and wear it full power!

Nyx Sierra Round Lipstick Swatch

Sierra is a beigey terracotta nude lip color. Swatched on skin, this seems like such a gorgeous nude but in reality this is actually so close to my skin color that it makes my face look dull and slightly lifeless. I do think, that darker girls will like this as a nude lipstick, it just doesn’t seem to work too well on my face. I use this a lot for layering on top of lipsticks- i layer this over Mac Crosswires all the time when i don’t want it to look bright. Also, when worn under a nice coral gloss, this doesn’t look as dead on me anymore!

You already know my thoughts on Nyx Lipsticks- Super pigmentation, immensely creamy but flimsy and meltable and they don’t last long on lips. They have so many shades for everyone and are so affordable that i find myself going back for more though!

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