I think the person who names makeup products in the Nyx office is one indulgent Greek Mythologist. I can just picture him going through ancient scriptures and picking up names of goddesses saying..hmm..THAT is what our red lipstick will be called . What a fun job ! I say this because almost all of their products have names that have to do with Greek mythology- even the word Nyx Itself! In Greek Mythology Nymphs were beautiful young maidens who loved to sing and dance, but of late the word has had err different connotations- you know..nymphomaniacs and all. I think its safe to assume that Nyx Nymph Chrome Pigment was infact inspired by the Mythical Creatures and not because this eyeshadow causes  sexual urges :p

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Nyx Nymph Chrome Eyeshadow- The Color
The best way to describe Nyx Nymph Eyeshadow is that its a rose gold. You know that in between gorgeous mix of salmon , peach and gold . I have rose gold metallic detailing on a bag  i bought (Remember my summer it  bag?) and that’s what it reminds me of. Its the exact color of the rose gold band below. I think the color is so versatile. A light wash makes this an everyday bright eye, and when worn wet it transforms into a metallic night- out eye. Its also a very flattering color for most warm skin tones , and im sure will look good on just about anyone.

Thoughts on  Nyx Chrome Eyeshadows Pigments
Unlike the Nyx Loose Pearl Shadow Pigments (which were a total let down), Nyx Chrome Pigments are actually pretty great. They have super pigmentation, you get quite a bit of pigment for the price you pay for it, have a rich and velvety finish, and work well both dry and wet. They dont suffer from too much fallout either. They do have a powdery texture so if you are used to high end eyeshadows you may not find this as silky, but that doesn’t really matter. I think they are definitely worth the price !

Used very lightly over eye
Overall Verdict: 4/5 or A-

Will I repurchase: Yup

Price: Rs
380/- from urbantouch.com

Recommendation: I love this color- such a versatile pretty salmon gold which can be  made metallic or sheered out. I think Nyx Chrome Eyeshadows are super pigmented, and have a pretty finish- definitely would pick these over the cheaper Loose Pearl Eyeshadow Pigments that Nyx Sells.

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