Whats common between Nyx and Nokia? Apart from the obvious fact that they start with the letter N, its that they both have a product called Oro. (Not Oreo you glutton, Oro..though on second thought..hmm..oreo.. **runs to the fridge to find Oreo cookies**). While Nokia’s ‘Oro’ refers to a Gold Smartphone, Nyx ‘s loose pearl eyeshadow with a yellow gold color is called Oro.By now you would have guessed that Oro means gold in another language- that language being Spanish my Senorita!

Oro is a metallic gold pigment with a whole lot of shine to it. Its a pretty all over lid color, as well as a highlight color . Infact i can even use it sparingly on my cheeks for a highlighter.Pigments can  be tricky to work with since they are dry unpressed powders, but once you get the hang of it, you can use them as eyeshadows, highlights, even nailpolishes (when mixed with clear nailpaint)

Nyx Loose Pearl Eyeshadows
 The color comes out slightly lighter than what is in the bottle, and is not as vivid as how Nyx Chrome Pigments are (Review coming soon!).What perhaps is the biggest downfall is the packaging, not only is it cheap looking, but totally impractical. The mouth of the jar is so tiny, that even a regular eyeshadow brush cannot fit inside. So what you end up doing is tilting the jar onto your palm and then picking up eyeshadow!I  also found the texture to not be as silky and smooth as high end pigments, a bit on the dry and powdery side and there was a lot of fallout with working with this one.

Overall Verdict: 2.5/5 or B-

Price: Rs 280/-

Will I repurchase: Not likely!

Recommendation: Its a pretty yellow gold with a metallic sheen. The packaging makes it extremely inconvenient to use, and it just doesn’t do too well on the texture front either (Not smooth and has fallout). If you are looking for pigments then Nyx Chrome Eyeshadow Pigments  are a better bet!

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