Ever since these Palettes got launched, iv wanted one. Look at them all quilted and cozy,  dont you want to just snuggle up to them? They are definitely one of those ‘So pretty you dont want to use them’ variety. 

Im going to keep this short- i am dissapointed with this Palette (i did have very high expectations). The thing is , when i swatched the palettes in the store i swatched Naturally Glamorous, and Sweet Innocence- both were silky smooth and richly pigmented. I assumed that quality would hold good with this one too, but it doesnt. Its really dry, and i just dont think the pigmentation or texture is up to the mark. It doesn’t apply smoothly and takes a bit of work.Having said that, they really chose 4 great colors to put together in a palette,  and the deep plum color and the frosted purple are really gorgeous and i do tend to reach for them often. Plus the super sleek packaging is definitely a winner.

The colors from Left to Right:

The Pigmentation just doesn’t deliver..Can you see the dry texture?!
  • A deep purple brown: This is one of the best shades- it has good color payoff and is smooth, but is slightly patchy
  • An olive green- a shimmery olive green, another one of the slightly better shades
  • A silvery cream – I hardly got any pigment with this
  • An Eggplant purple- Dry Texture, but a nice pretty purple
  • A light shimmery pink- looks almost silvery white on application

Overall Verdict:   B  or 3/5

Will I Repurchase: The other palettes in this range are really nice, so those yes. This no.

Price: Rs 625/-

Recommendation: The thing with these custom eyes palettes are that they vary widely in quality depending on which one you choose, and this one really isn’t half as good as the others in the range. I do love the color combinations that have been chosen for this one, and the packaging is lovely , but the stiff and dry texture  and weak pigmentation of some of the shadows really is a big dissapointment. 

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