Ah Ameesha, why..why..WHY! Why would you spoil that beautiful face of yours with all that ultra blue sparkly gloop around your eyes. Did you get inspired by the smurfs? Granted they’r cute and blue and all, but honey not on your eyes okay.I dont like the outfit or the overly enhanced twinnies either ! PS: Ankita from corallista- thanks for twitpicing this to me !

Can bebo put a foot wrong? Nope! Sometimes just a simple black dress, loose hair, kohl around the eyes and a neutral eyeshadow works best and bebo definitely knows that !

PS: I know i am noone to judge celebrities, but those of you who get overly worked up about it- Breathe in. Breathe Out. Relax. Have a drink. Its a blog- meant for entertainment purposes only !

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