So uhmm…Im getting Married !
To Who: To the Boy ofcourse ! I am considering calling him the fiance, but ‘the boy’ has a nice ring to it no?
When: Next year (Its a while away)
Why: Because i want a ring, and a honeymoon and an end to long distance relationships. Okay kidding..those may play *tiny* roles, but basically because know..its the whole Love thing. (I am not good at expressing sentimental feelings ok..Just Understand. ‘Why’ is a stupid question anyway!) 
Why You Should Care: I didnt think i would post this up now, but my blog is going to be loaded with a lot of bridal posts, i have been doing SO much shopping and gathering so much information  , i thought i should give you a heads up!

A while ago someone asked me to do a post on relationship advice, and i thought today might be the perfect time for it, and i typed it all out and realised just how preachy and wierdly serious i sounded (If you are familiar with this blog then you know serious is NOT my forte ). So im going to keep it short.
If there is anything i have learnt, it is this:
  • Not to make lists of what your perfect guy should be : First time i met boy, i thought he was an MCP , he thought i was a ‘Typical Delhi Girl’ ..which according to him means..well never mind.Point is- First impressions can be wrong so dont get your whole screening criteria out.
  • Not to listen to people who say “Marry the boy who loves you”: Sure. And live a life without love, or passion. Marry the boy who YOU love..just make sure he feels the same way. You dont want to be a stalker now do you!
  • To Take Space & Give Space : The only time that clinginess really works is when yr wearing lycra. Nowhere else.
  • To Take chances and go for it: If it feels right, then forget about all the crap inside your head like (This wont go anywhere, this is just a fling, what if he breaks my heart, how will me make long distance work). Like they say on Project Runway -‘Make it work’
  • Its not always rainbows and butterflies -its compromise that moves us along: Those are the lyrics from a Maroon 5 song. I just think when compromise doesn’t seem so hard or seem like a burden, then you know that you are on to something special and all relationships require some amount o sacrifices !

PS: People keep asking me ‘so how does it feel’ now that you are getting married . Its like a mixture of YIPPPPEEEEE + OMG Im a kid + THIS IS SCARY  kind of feeling.

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