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For the longest time I’ve been obsessed with finding the perfect brown. Finally, a year ago at a Lancome counter, I found that brown. Well, browns. Lancome’s Sparkling Brown and their Impress shadow did exactly what I wanted. They were blendable, long-lasting, pigmented, shimmery, and smooth. What more could a girl ask for? Sparkling Brown is a deep metallic brown with red/maroon shimmer, while Impress is a lighter metallic bronze-y brown with warm yellow shimmer. I’m not too keen on bold contours, so I’m glad these shadows can be blended to create a subtle contour.

You might like this product if…

You like pigmented shadows that can also be blended for a subtle look.

You like shadows the come off easily with makeup remover.

You like smooth eyeshadows that last the entire day.

You might dislike this product if…

You can’t stand eyeshadow fallout.

You want your shadow to be very bold even with a lot of blending.

Overall Rating 4/5 or A-

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