I never quite understand all this ‘HD’ and ‘3D’ stuff that beauty marketers love to use in makeup products. I mean…what do you mean by a  Bourjois Effet 3D Max  lipgloss – that makes you lips look three dimensional, call me silly but i thought all human forms are three dimensional anyway! 3D is actually a term we use very often in my office- it stands for dinner, drinks, dance (3-D) and signifies the ‘3D party’ that we used to have at the end of the year. 

Bourjois Claims ” Gentle with sensitive eyes beware.  Bourjois 3d effect max lipgloss gives  33% more shine with its unique perforated applicator”

Yeah..i want to know how they measure ‘Shine’. I want to be shine measure-er. How fun would that be?

Rose Eclat- The color
Bourjois Lipgloss in Rose Eclat is a light berry pink with silver shimmer. Even though i am not a fan of shimmery glosses, i really really like these ones. The shimmer is fine and adds a dazzle to your lips without being gritty or chunky. Rose Eclat (#63) is a color that will pretty much suit everyone, and i can just throw it on for effortless everyday glamour, or layer it on a lipstick for a brighter, more sparkly night out

General Thoughts on Bourjois Effet 3D Max Lipglosses
These glosses are non sticky and semi sheer and shimmery, but even the shimmer haters might end up loving these because of how dazzling , plump and shiny your lips look after application. I would definitely say they add a LOT of shine over any other regular gloss and  give an almost glass like effect to your lips  They  are moisturizing, last really long , and when they wear out they dont leave behind chunky glitter particles. The applicator is really not my favourite- its like a blendy plastic flat tip wand, and while i have fun putting it on (its kind of like coating your lips with syrup or something), it kind of makes application slightly streaky. I would have much preferred a regular doe foot anyday, though Bourjois claims its the applicator which causes the 3D-ness!

Bourjois Effet 3D Max Lipgloss Swatch: In real life you cant see the glitter, but the camera caught on it

Overall Verdict: A-
Pigmentation: 3.5/5, Texture : 5/5 Lasting Power:5/5 Other Factors (Packaging, Value): 3/5
Price: Rs 600/-

Will I Repurchase: Yes i want more shades

Recommendation: I am surprised by how much i love these glosses, given that im not a shimmer person..but the effect these glosses give on the lips is very full, plump and almost glass like gorgeous ness. Definitely add a LOT of shine and volume.They also last a good 5 hours on me despite being non sticky and are moisturizing.I only wish the applicator was different, it would have made for much smoother application

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