Nineteen. It was the age  i took my first trip with friends without any kind of parental supervision (I felt like i was living on the edge or something) ,  it is the exact number of maybelline lip products i own .. and it was the flat number i stayed at when i was working in Mumbai (aah..Mumbai, how i miss that city).   Nineteen is also the name  of one of the few Deborah Shades that i like- it was kind of almost forced on to me by the sales woman, but i am glad i bought it, or i would have been one pink lipstick lesser. 

Deborah’s Atomic Red Lipstick #19 (The poor soul has no name),  is a bright poppy pink. I usually have a tendency to say cool-toned or warm toned but i really dont know about this one. It is slightly cool toned, but definitely not the kind of icy pinks that clash against warm skin tones. Also, while its bright it is definitely not an unwear-able neon pink. So if you are makeup shy, and want to venture into wearing a bright pink, you can give this a go.

General Thoughts on Deborah Atomic Red Lipstick
Most things about them impress me a LOT- they are so super creamy (almost like MAC Amplified Creme’s), and super pigmented. They glide on really easily, they dont dry your lips out  and they last quite a while too . They might fade, but you will still see the color even after 6 hours and after eating/ drinking which is fantastic. The downside for me is that im not crazy about the finish- it has a very slight tendency to make lines on the lip look more pronounced. Also not a fan of the straight tip of the lipstick, the pointy ones are SO much more convenient and precise. And oh lord- they are numbered. Never understand why brands do that.
Cell Phone Camera Pic..Sorry!

Overall Verdict :4/5 or A-

Will I repurchase: Yes if i like another shade- but i found most of them too bright!

Price: Rs 540/-

Recommendation: Its a nice way to wear a slightly cooler pink which is bright but not scary !! I think if you are fair-medium skin toned, you should be able to carry it off without any problems. I think deborah lipsticks are super creamy , pigmented and decently long lasting – definitely worth what you shell out for them.

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