Written by : Guest Writer Salonie
The Elle 18 Blackout liner comes in a cute pot shaped bottle and is a product for budget beauty-holics!

It is a jet black colour and the consistency is good and smooth while applying.  This is probably the best part about it because the color is bold and black and stays that way unlike some liners which tend to become slightly grey.
A major drawback of the product is its brush. The brush is long and frayed and application becomes a little difficult. It doesn’t give a straight and decent line on the eyelid.  I found that while putting on the liner, the brush was too soft to give a solid finish to the line like I would have liked. So you end up with a not so neat looking liner on your eye! 

I held my hand under running water after applying the liner to test its water resistance. The line stayed on and did not smudge or blot. The liner has quite a good water resistance for such a low price.
After rubbing it lightly, it did run with the water and lightened out. The difference was very noticeable.

                                                                     Overall rating: 3/5 or B

Would I re-purchase: Not really.

Price: Rs 65/- or 2$

Recommendation:Overall, the Elle 18 Liner is a good choice for a beginner to try. Younger girls will love the cute bottle, and the intense blackness but the brush needs to be improved drastically for better finish.

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