Written by Tanmayee Dev
Oh my , I am head over heels in love with this!! This is a fabulous product for the price it comes for.
I am talking about Essence gel liner in shade “Berlin Rocks”, which I happened to buy after coming to Germany and along with this, I have a growing collection of Essence products. They are amazing and I love love love most of their products.

About the product:- Its a gel eyeliner in purple color with shimmers which is not over the top, more of a sheen not shimmer , I must say.
Essence says its high precision and waterproof.
Price: Euro 2.95 ( INR 200)

My Experience: Awesome!! Just fabulous!! Can be compared to Mac fluidlines for the staying power and pigmentation. It can be dubbed as Budget Mac . I have been using this for past 5 months and I must say it stayed up to its claim of being water proof. I always prime my eyelids before lining, my eyelids being oily and  it stays on me for the whole day ( about 10 hrs). It has to be removed with a makeup remover , as in the sense it has a long staying staying power which doesn’t budge throughout the day.
I tried it even without primer, but then it stays on me without fading for up to 5 hours after which it gradually starts fading. Might last longer without priming on someone with no so oily eyelids. Also the climate here is not humid and sultry as in many parts of India, should also be taken into consideration.
It glides on smoothly. Has a mousse like consistency which looks royal. The color being purple :).
It dries up pretty fast  and once set, one is all set to go. I apply this with a gel liner brush or a bent brush.
It works fine when applied on lower lash line as well. I wear contact lens and it did not make my eyes watery or sting. But I do not know how it will act when applied on water line. I use only Mac smolder on my waterline.

To Summarize, its a fabulous eyeliner and very much cheap for the quality it offers. The color is awesome, would look great on any most complexions. Worth giving a try. The only demerit I can think of is its availability in India.

About the Writer
Tanmayee is a Bangalore girl currently living in Germany. Her love for beauty and cosmetics has ensured that she has amassed a ton of German Beauty products, and these Essence Gel Liners is one of them !  She blogs over at http://celebratingfeminity.wordpress.com/ so go check it out for more from her. I just cant get over the fact that these are just 3 Euros!!!! I want :( > 

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