What? You dont know what a smurf is? They are blue creatures that are 3 apples tall and they speak in Smurf language! A few Smurfy quotes are:

  • I came! I saw! I smurfed! 
  • A msurf is always blue-er on the other side 
  • To smurf or not to smurf, that is the question 
  • A smurf a day keeps the smurf away 
  • Better a smurf you know than a smurf you don’t know. 
  • Speak of the smurf and he will come 
  • Nothing is certain but death and smurfs.

Basically, Smurf language is english but with a genrous dose of ‘Smurf’ thrown in for kicks. I dont know why but the baby blue on my nails was making me feel especially smurfy today!  With the silver thrown in, i almost want to call this the ‘Iced Smurfs’

Flormar nailpolishes are really good quality given that you only get them for 75/- bucks.They apply so smoothly, and they dont chip and are not too streaky even with a color liek blue which tends to get streaky (Are you listening overpriced  Loreal Navy Velvet ?)! Super Recommend these !! Specially check out all the crazy neon shades they have- they are REALLY good!
The silver ring finger is an Elle 18 polish– this ones just for Rs 45/- and i really didnt expect them to be as nice as they are ! They really are better than some higher range brands i have tried !

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