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Festive season is on In India, so today I am going to do a look which has some Indian touch because the colors which I use to create this look is known as Indian bridal colors. Here is the look –

So let’s start the step by step tutorial-

Always prime your lid with eye primer before applying eye shadow as it not only prevent creasing bu also enhance the vibrancy of colors, if you have a dry eye lid you can use concealer also.

1. Apply Rust eye shadow in the middle of your upper eye lid and at lower lash line, leave the inner corner and outer corner of eyelid like this-


2.       Apply dark brown eye shadow on the outer corner of your eye lide and blend it inward in to the crease. Like this-


3.       Apply the Green eye shadow in to the crease over the brown eye shadow and blend it nicely like this-


4.       Apply the same green eye shadow ay the inner corner of upper and lower lash line. Highlight the brow bone area with Champaign eye shadow and blend it nicely. Apply eye liner, curl your lashes and apply 2-3 coat of mascara. Line your water line with black liner. Like this-


Here is the finished look-
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