How to Apply Concealer to Under Eye Circles: Tutorial

by mehak on October 2, 2011

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If diamonds are a girls best friend, then concealer is her best fren-emy. It has all the makings of a best friend- it hides all your secrets (like just how late you slept after partying last night), conceals all your flaws and stays with you throughout the day. Hoewever, you use it incorrectly and it becomes your worst enemy- it can make your panda esque dark circles look like something out of a horror movie !!
Here is how i apply concealer (thanks to some videos by Lisa Elridge), its pretty basic but might help some of you…
Left Before, Right: After

Step 1: Choose the right concealer color and consistency
I prefer using concealers that are light and runny under the eye. I feel like thicker concealers get deposited in the lines under my eye but its really a personal choice. I use the Inglot Under Eye Concealer in MW5- it is my favourite concealer for under eye circles. Color wise, theory says that you should choose a yellow concealer for dark purpley circles, and a coral/orange concealer for bluer dark circles. Now honestly, my dark circles are red, so i dont really follow that theory. Essentially – i choose concealer just a shade lighter than my foundation (which is yellow toned)- if it blends into my skin seamlessy, thats all i need.

Step 2: Identify the darkest areas under your eye. Take your time doing this, its an important step

For me , my darkest area is on the inner corner of my eye till halfway down my eye and then on the outer corner
The idea is to apply concealer ONLY  where you are the darkest. If you notice the picture above, the area between the two marked areas is not dark and the same color as the rest of my face so i dont need concealer there. If i were to apply concealer on the entire area, it would just lose its point- The dark areas would become lighter but the light areas would become lighter too, so in contrast the dark areas would still appear darker.

Step3: Take a concealer brush and apply concealer only to areas where you are darkest (if you have a runny concealer then they are best applied with a concealer brush. Infact i use a damp brush to get best results- a little tip i got from a reader (Thanks Brenda!))

Just pat down and move quickly, dont drag your brush or try and create strokes. Pat and move. Like i said before i have only applied cncealer to where i am darkest.

Step4 : Take your ring finger and blend
The ring finger apparently has the softest touch, so use that and very lightly pat the edges of the concealer to blend it out.

Step5 : Thats it ! You can apply a loose powder over it to set it, or just let it be.
Thats it ! Now you can fake your way to a great nights sleep !

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Neha February 14, 2012 at 2:26 pm

hey that’s a nice simple tutorial and great tips too ! which brush do you use for applying the concealer ?


mehak February 14, 2012 at 2:41 pm

Hi Neha i use a flat concealer brush from QVS…i got it from the New u store


christina lobo March 10, 2012 at 9:13 pm

hi excellent tutorial. I was kinda doing it wrong by rubbing in the concealer with the brush while i should have just been patting it in. Im using Inglots AMC cream concealer 63. Somehow mine looks ashy. while ures looks like natural skin colour. the SA at the INGLOT store just picked it in like a sec and when she applied it at the store it looked grand but that was the last time it ever looked that way……after that only ashy. do i need to change the colour of my concealer? i also need a proper concealer brush and one for blending , buffing some powder around the area after concealer… ….Pls advice !!!


mehak March 10, 2012 at 10:58 pm

Hi Christina, Yep change the color. The lights in the store are quite different sometimes than the regular lights, so if its looking ashy my guess is its too light for you, or too pink based…and you may need a yellow based one if you are warm toned. I actually really like the Inglot Under Eye Concealer for dark circles. I dont use a fancy concealer brush actually- just a basic one i got from NEw U…


christina lobo March 11, 2012 at 9:33 am

thanks mehak…I am going o the the mac and mufe stores today and i will get it re analysed… I got to figure it out today…wish me luck :) gosh i never asked anyone to wish me luck during my exams even and im going nuts with this concealer!


christina lobo March 12, 2012 at 9:36 am

so i went to mufe and got an SA named Rachna. she very willing offered to try my own con. on me and with a brush she did. and then she put one of hers. well there was a bit of grey with mine and minniscule with hers. she told me its not like visible in ure face grey and said use ure foundtaion over it for an overall even colour. n she asked me if it looked nice at the shop when i got it and stuff and well i said ya and for a while after that and i dont use it regularly only for an outing and use the shiseido hydro liquid foundation in a compact and that too doesnt match any more.

At that very minute she was about to say something but i said i got tanned in blessed Goa and she was like BINGO. so she said thats why this funny colour well then she told me to let the tan fade and everything will come back to normal n she said if it doesnt and ure still unhappy then we can try an orange corrector but it should go. she said use what u have its nice dont buy anything more. ( she couldve fooled me into a couple of thousand rs worth of stuff that wouldnt have done any good cause i was so desperate, but did’nt)

I also ended up asking her bout the HD translucent finishing powder and she said for hd cameras and weddings adn stuff and u can also use it for normal things but its more suited for that and it will give its best glowing skin few mins after application. lovely photos and all…..thought of u that time for ure wedding day :)


mehak March 12, 2012 at 10:19 am

Hehe thanks Christina…
Dont have MUFE here :( but yes that makes sense if yv tanned then thats why the concealer probably looks too light!!


ekpword November 8, 2013 at 9:39 pm

This post is a life saver! I had no idea! But I have a question, I have the Bobbi Brown concealer (Natural) and corrector (Light to Medium Peach). I was told to apply corrector first and then the concealer. How would I do that? Also, those two aren’t runny and applying a wet brush to the palette –> doesn’t wet makeup get ruined?


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