Cleansing is daily skincare ritual that will make your skin to make it look clean, younger and fresh help it to remain healthy and younger looking. So Iraya brings you formulation that are so natural that I will pamper you beloved skin not only today but also give a long term good effect refresh you and rejuvenate you this is just not a combination of few most gentle ingredients found in nature but also floral extracts that gently cleanses, nourishes the skin.

Stress relieving bath oil – wheat germ & eucalyptus is blend of natural oils that transforms into luxuriant layer on contact with water. This unique formulation is packed with natural moisturizers & skin soothers to ensure an absolute treat in the water. It will make a pampering bath ritual with blends of wheatgerm & eucalyptus. It softens & nourishes the skin & rejuvenates dull dry cells eliminating dryness. An ideal product after a long tiring day relieves stress & encourages restful sleep.

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