Some time ago, i met this young lady who was a friend of a friends. We got talking, and suddenly she stopped and pointed at my chest , moved her finger left to right  saying “Are those real?” . Needless to say i was totally taken aback, horrified and embarassed..’Huh…What? Obviously..” i began, and then she burst out laughing looking at the expression on my face. See, she was asking whether the curls in my hair (which were loosely hanging over my shoulders that day) were real..i kind of took it to mean something else.

 In my defense though, if someone is pointing at your chest saying ‘Are those real’…the last thing you think they are talking about is hair ! Well yes, my curls are real..unfortunately i dont get the same questions anymore because my hair has become limp, and lifeless and i am convinced i lose about 10,000 strands a day. Lets not go there…its a touchy topic. So anyway..i try and find anything and everything in my control to do something for my hair..
L’oreal Claims 

“New Total Repair Hair 5 repairing masque: With ceramide- cement, the masque repairs and intensely nourished your hair .
Proven result – Day after day , your hair is repaired and protected from the five sign of hair damage.

1. Hair fall




5.Split ends”

My experience
I have to admit first of all, that i am a bit of a hair mask virgin. I have used Lush hsuan wen hua which i love, but apart from that masks are a bit of a an unchartered territory. Maybe thats why my expectations from this one were so high. 
It says you are supposed to use it on towel dried hair..and i did that once only after shampoo …and once after shampoo and conditioner. In both cases, it did not make my hair oily or greasy, which is a great thing. It  has a nice thick-ish consistency and  makes hair softer, smoother and more manageable to comb through so it does live up to its ‘eliminating dryness and roughness ‘ claim.  The reason i am not blown away by it, is because essentially it does what any other decent conditioner does to my hair, it conditions and moisturizes. I do not see the difference between my Dove Damage Therapy Conditioner and the L’oreal Hair Mask… so it kind of makes me question the need of one additional product, specially with all the chemical mentioned under ingredients when my conditioner can achieve the same results.

Overall Verdict: 3/5 or B

Rs 325/-

Will I Repurchase: No

Recommendation: Its a nice mask which makes your hair softer and smoother without weighing it down.  I just dont see what additional benefit it provides over my regular Dove conditioner.

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