There is just something about the word – baby that songwriters love.  Right from that bollywood song ‘Baby, Baby Baby mujhe log bole’  (which was earlier supposed to be sexy, sexy, sexy but it was too risque for the nineties you know ) to Justin beiber’s high pitched ‘baby -baby-baby ooohhh’ ..its all about the ‘Baby’.  Had Mac wanted to choose a theme song for Surf Baby Collection, they would have had no problem at all- so many choices to choose from!!!

Sometimes, repromotes of permanent products in limited edition collection can be really annoying but with MAC Mocha, the more re-promotes the merrier! Specially when it comes in this uber cute white and yellow packaging that just makes me want to take my surf board and hit the water…wearing Mocha on my lips. Except..i dont know how to surf. And there is no sea near my house. But thats a different story!

Mac Mocha- The Color
Mocha is an earthy terracotta color that is one of my favourite mac lipsticks for Indian Skin. I just think, its such a flattering as well as versatile color for all. You can wear this as an everyday lipstick (though i like to liven it up under a gloss), or you can even pair it with a smokey eye because it looks kind of neutral nude on much darker skin tones.  If you are a fan of  those deep peachy-brown colors, you will not be dissapointed with Mocha

General thoughts on Mac Satin Finish

Satin finishes are slightly similar to Matte finishes in the sense that they are completely opaque and very very pigmented. However Satin finishes are more creamy and slightly more moisturizing, as well as have a sheeny quality to them. Its a hard finish to describe because it has some qualities of all the other finishes but not a unique characteristic that sets them apart.That doesn’t mean theyr not special- I actually really like Satin Finishes- i think they give the perfect amount of sheen for everyday wear, and they last really really long and are super pigmented.

Mac Mocha Lipstick :Its darker in real life
Overall Verdict: A
Pigmentation: 5/5 , Texture: 4/5, Longevity: 4.5/5, Packaging& Value: 4/5

Price: Rs 990/-

Other Info: Part of the MAC Surf Baby Collection, but is also a permanent product

Recommendation: Mocha is one of my favourite Mac lipsticks , and i think its the kind of color that looks fab on all indian skin tones- actually all skin tones. Period.

Disclaimer: Press Sample

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