How short are your shorts girl? I live in the big bad city of Delhi, so mine aren’t too short ..but  i’ll tell you  a little secret : A few years back, on a new year eve party , i won a competition for ‘The shortest skirt’.  Now, Now dont get excited…its a bit of an anticlimax. My skirt was actually very modest and  just two inches above my knee…it just so happened that i ended up in a new year party mostly with aunty’s and uncles who dont wear skirts at all (Unless they are scottish of course) . That’s what happens when you celebrate new years with family!

In Real Life its more yellower
Mac Short Shorts Eyeshadow : Use it as a Cheek Highlighter!
Anyway, coming to Mac’s Short Shorts Eyeshadow- you know some products are just meant to be used in other ways than their original purpose and Short Shorts is one of them. Its a light, sheeny yellow white with a frost finish which works great as an inner corner highlight eyeshadow  or brow bone highlighting eyeshadow, but what it works FAB as is a cheek highlighter. Yup. Just dab on some the apples of your cheeks and glow your way to gorgeousness. The yellowness in it only adds to the highlighter effect and it gives that dewy candle lit glow that you so want on a romantic date.

Like all Mac Eyeshadows, this one too is smooth and silky with great color payoff! Its a frost finish which means you will get a lot of sheen and shimmer , but thankfully Mac eyeshadows never veer into the chunky glitter space, and all have a smooth, velvety finish

Overall Verdict :4/5 or A-

Price: ~Rs 900/- in this packaging

Will I Repurchase: I think i will be able to find a dupe easily for this actually.

Recommendation: Short Shorts is a nice yellowy white which makes a great brown bone highlighter. I have to say though, that its a pretty easily dupable shade since the color isnt very unique. Personally i just love using it as a cheek highlighter – i think it does a fab job at that!

Disclaimer: Press Sample.

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