Maxfactor Second Skin Foundation
One of the sayings that annoys me the most is -Lucky in Cards, Unlucky in Love . You see, i am quite lucky in cards (*knocks on wood*), and i wouldn’t like to think that just because i am dealt an Ace more often than anyone else means that i wont be lucky in love. So whoever made that saying – i would like to have a word with you mister!. Anyway, so yes..this is my favourite time of the year, not just because the Indian Festive Season is right around the corner but because i get a lot of extra cash from all the poker and card parties that happen around this time. (*Ka-ching*). What do i do with extra cash? Splurge on makeup like the Maxfactor Second Skin Foundation ofcourse!!!

Maxfactor Claims “Max Factor is pleased to introduce its latest foundation breakthrough. New Second Skin Foundation has an innovative formula that creates the look of naturally perfect looking skin.”

My view
Here is the thing- there are sheer foundations and then there are SHEER foundations and this is definitely the latter. It provides the coverage of a tinted moisturizer, but doesn’t really moisturize so i feel it kind of loses its point. If i wanted a tinted moisturizer, i would have bought one! This really doesn’t provide any coverage-so if you have flawless skin you might like it but even though i generally have nice skin i found this too weak in that department,

While the texture is lovely- light and blendable, and it glides and blends really well without a need of a brush, it makes my dry skin look even more flaky and my cheek area which is normal look shiny and greasy so i really dont know which skin type this foundation can work for. Adding to my list of woes is the fact that i feel it oxidizes and gets kind of orange looking and shinier overtime- me no like looking like oompa loompa mister !

I do have to say that it photographs well since there is no SPF or light reflecting properties in this, and the finish is really natural looking and it does last a while on my dry/combination skin so in those aspects it does well, but really the cons outweight the pro’s in my opinion.

After Foundation
Overall Verdict C

Will I Repurchase: No

Price: Rs 770/-

Recommendation: Maxfactor Second Skin Foundation is a very sheer coverage foundation – it gives the coverage equivalent of a tinted moisturizer but doesn’t moisturize ! I just dont like how it exaggerates my dry areas, but also starts looking slightly shiny after a couple of hours. It does wear long, and photographs well but it oxidizes on my skin so not for me!

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