This post has been written by a guest writer: Lapanika . Take it away girl !

This lipstick defies, every rule of why people shouldn’t wear certain colors with certain undertones and blah blah ..So I did something similarly crazy and went on a total whimsical tour, to buy a band aid at the local Walmart and found myself staring at this color. Two reasons mainly, I did not have a “Red lipstick” and “It’s , so nice to buy a red lipstick with a band-aid”. As funny as the second reason sounds , but if you look at this beautiful, saturated color , you will love it . 
Price : $7 and Rs 290 approximately

About Maybelline Color Sensational in Red Revival: Although this is a bluish red shade, and suits best on fair complexions, it looks equally great on dusky women. As most bloggers say this shade is a dupe of MAC Russian Red, but I wouldn’t be able to compare because I do not have the latter. This shade is opaque and goes well on pigmented lips. The texture is semi glossy and it glides on effortlessly and leaves a shiny finish. Oh ! How I love the deep saturated color . Coming back, it stays on for 5 hours ( with eating and drinking) but leaves a tint behind. I really wouldn’t use any lip-liner or gloss, because the color itself can come a little too strong. It is a bold and a very vibrant red , no wonder, the model sports this color on the catalog.

Verdict : 4/ 5  

Will I buy again : One shade is enough for now

Price: Rs 290/-

Recommendation : Since I bought “Red Revival” , in an attempt to revive some bold color in my life , I was initially little skeptical about trying it. It was like going from plain Jane to “all-of-you-look-at-me-I-have-these-Red-lips” kind of a phase . This color is great for evening parties, clubbing ,or a girls night out , but definitely not a wearable day color.

About  the Author

Lapanika is a 27 year old Indian living in Minnesota. A girl who believed primer only meant something to be added to wall paints, she entered the big bad (and tempting ) makeup world of the USA with only a Lakme Kajal,  a lipstick , and foundation. While her left brain helped her get a degree in Human Resources, her right brain  was delving into the world of makeup !!!  Welcome to P & B Lapanika. Believe me, till two years back i thought primers would have something to do with math and prime numbers.

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