Press Note:

New Delhi, 7th October, 2011: The name MINAWALA has been synonymous for decades with some of the most fabulous jewellery in India. Jewellery from Minawala has gone beyond the realm of ordinary ornamentation and has established itself as a collector’s item. Intrinsic craftsmanship, stunning designs and fine quality stones have assured their adoring clientele a formidable place in the limelight. Jewellery holds paramount importance especially in a bride’s life

Bridal Sets

 Minawala presents an exquisite bridal jewellery collection showcasing spectacular designs which are a true delight to every bride’s eye.

The sets will consist of intricate designs set in with rubies, emeralds and polki’s. Diamonds and other precious and semi precious stones in exemplary designs and carefully positioned to highlight each curve. Experience unique polki designs; it is indeed an interesting mix as the polki’s bring out the very best of contemporary yet traditional designs. Talking about his latest collection Owner Mr. Shezad Zaveri said “Our latest collection will incessantly be tagged under a timeless fashion statement and are accessorized for every ‘Bride- To- Be’ adding a touch of sophistication and style. The appeal to these designs lies in their ability to accentuate and add a classic appearance.”

Which one is your favourite?I like the first earrings, the first emerald and diamond set as well as the pearl and emerald necklace.. Anyone feeling like gifting me something ???

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