I am certain that everyone, atleast once in their life has been jobless enough to do quizzes online like ” What your shoe- style says about your personality” or ” What were you in your past life based on your eating habits” or “What bag personality are you”. Incidentally, i did do the last one , and apparently i am a violet bag. Well it said ‘Purple Tote’ actually , but purple is violet right…Since we are on the subject let me introduce you to the newest kid in the online beauty space- violetbag.com!

First of all, someone recently asked me for a place to buy tools and hair gadgets from . Girl, whoever you are..head to violetbag- they have some cool hair straighteners and curlers for your styling needs.

 If you are wondering why i got 3 Vega brushes, these are not just Vega silly. These are Vega professional – there is a BIG difference in quality and i cant wait to test these out!!! From first impressions, i am very impressed with them given how cheap they go for !

L’oreal Total Repair 5 hair masque because i like my hair being soft, shiny and playable .Except i hate people playing with my hair. Come near it and i will slit your throat. Kidding. No. Seriously…i will..

I needed to restock Maybelline My Mahogany cos i love it !!! In case i haven’t mentioned already- must have from the color sensational range ladies.

Maybelline My Mahogany Swatch

My experience with Violetbag.com

If you do order from Violetbag.com , then your goodies will be delivered to you in..you guessed it…a violet bag. I was quite impressed by how securely all the stuff was packed. Tons of thermocol and bubblewrap  that i love to pop ! My order arrived in one day, and they do have a COD option. As of now the site has limited number of brands- Maybelline and Lakme are the  ones in makeup, but since its new i am sure the list will grow in the coming time. One thing woryth mentioning is that each brand has a LOT of variety stocked. I really like that- most online shopping sites give you like a limited number of lipstick shades from each brands…it becomes annoying. Like i mentioned before, its a nice place to buy hair straighteners and curling irons from-i dont see too many beauty stores stocking those, and i really think they need to ! .My gripe with the store is that the landing page shows a photograph on Estee Lauder Nailpolishes, and they dont stock those so that is a bit misleading !

PS: Dont you love popping bubble wrap? Im having a popping splurge since yesterday. Pop.Pop.Pop!

Disclaimer: I got a voucher to shop here

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