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I had been waiting impatiently   to gift myself a smokey eye palette , and, when earlier this week I got back one my assignments on which I scored an A+, I thought it was  the perfect excuse for the much-awaited present!! :-D

NYX products have always been one of my favourites: be it for their praise-worthy quality, their super-affordable prices, or their fanstastic color selection, they will just never fail you. The palette I ordered is the NYX Trio Eyeshadow – White/Gray/Black (TS01). I know the name kinda sounds boring considering how funky the names of their other palettes are, like “I Dream of Jamaica”!! But but but! This product will give you no other reason to feel disappointed.

The eyeshadows in this palette have a beautiful texture and are extremely soft- they blend like a dream. The pigmentation is amazing. The colours look extremely vibrant even without using any eyeshadow base. Each colour has a slight glittery feel to it which is not too over the top, making it perfect for those clubbing nights! ;)

These colours bring liveliness on your face. Like the label says, THIS IS for those sexy eyes you’ve always wanted!! They have a commendable staying power. Just one sweep of the colour gives just enough amount, and a very little of the product goes a long way. Given the high pigmentation and the long staying power, the eyeshadow is quite hassle-free while removing. It comes off easily without any painful efforts.

The eyeshawdows come in a sleek black pack which gives it a very classy look. It is sturdy and compact, along with a decent mirror and a dual-sided sponge tip applicator. The packaging is high-quality; but girls with longer nails need to be a little more careful! Opening it can be quite tricky at times.

Rating: 4/5 stars Or A- 

Price: Rs 520/-
Recommendation:I highly recommend this palette -especially great for beginners given the price it retails at .  The colours can be used individually too- the white colour can be used for doing the inner corner or highlighting the brow bone in combination with other colours. Or the black colour can be used in combination with browns for doing a brown-black smokey eye. Whatever ways you choose to use it, you just can’t go wrong with this one!

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‘A’  is a girl living in delhi- who is obsessed with the fashion and beauty world. She prefers to be anonymous. How very ‘Pretty Little Liars’  dont you think? ;)

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