Sally Hansen Diamond  Lip Treatment
Diamonds are a girls best friend they say- whether they come on top of your engagement ring (Hint to boy: I want a solitaire) , or they come in this tacky stick on  fake diamond form on top of Sally Hansen’s Diamond Lip Treatment (Im not really digging that). The Sally Hansen Diamond Shine Lip Treatment is a bit of a cult favourite amongst many a foreign beauty blogger so i decided to give it a whirl myself.

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Sally Hansen Claims:

“Sally Hansen Diamond Lip Treatment is a gorgeous lip gloss which deeply conditions and moisturises your lips while providing a beautiful, luminous diamond shine. With Aloe, Shea Butter and Vitamin A it provides instant hydration and improves lip texture.”

My view

On certain fronts, the Sally Hansen Treatment is a winner- it is intensely moisturizing , and it lasts quite a while on me- more than any other gloss perhaps. This does come at a price of it being quite sticky, and it depends whether you can deal with that. I dont usually have a problem with stickiness I  except  that this one  has a lot of shimmer and glitter ! The combination means that on application you get gorgeously plumped up, dazzling lips, but after some time once the gloss wears off, there is glitter particles on your lips.  Like *Shiny Disco Balls* …. Me no likey..its a personal preference really..i prefer slightly more pigmented and less shimmery glosses but if you are a high shine, bling-bling girl you will love it !

Overall Verdict :3/5 or B-
WIll I Repurchase: No

Price: Rs 450/-
Recommendation: Its a pale milky pink that is super moisturizing, sticky , and long lasting. I quite like the plumping, bedazzling effect it gives initially. But i cant really deal with the leftover glitter particles as well as the stickiness, so its not for me.

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