Written by Sonal Tavkar
 The makeup blogging world, particularly the UK makeup blogging world, has seen one too many acclaims for the Sleek Pout Polishes. And yet it deserves every bit of the praise it has received. I have 3 Pout Polishes, and the one I am reviewing today is Monte Carlo.

According to Sleek, the Monte Carlo Pout Polish is “A hot pink tinted lip condition balm enriched with jojoba, avocado, and sweet almond oil to nourish, with SPF 15 to protect your lips from those summer rays! Apply a thin coat to create a natural sheen, or build to create magenta pink lips.” This specific pout polish was a part of their Mediterranean collection, which was launched the summer of 2011. As far as I know, it isn’t available in Superdrug in the UK anymore, as it was a limited edition item. However, it seems to be available on their international website.
Sleek’s claims of it being “hot pink” only stays true for its appearance in the jar. Once applied on the lips, however, it is more of a bright pink sheen. It definitely does not create “magenta pink lips”. And that is why I love it! I prefer sheer washes of colour on my lips, and this fits the bill perfectly! I am a big, big fan of tinted lip conditioners, thanks to my perpetually dry lips and my love for sheer colours. This is one of my favourite tinted lip conditioners ever! It is moisturising, but to be honest, not so much that it would rescue super-parched lips. This certainly does not replace my regular lip balm. It has got a very, very sweet coconut-y smell. The smell is quite obvious, and will bother you if scented products bother your nose. I, however, quite enjoy the smell. It also has a sweet taste to it. Monte Carlo lasts for around an hour and a half on my lips, and leaves behind an even, light pink stain. It would definitely not survive an entire meal! Given the fact that it is a tinted lip conditioner, I think the staying power is quite okay. I don’t really mind it as I am not one to have a lip colour on at all times.
The packaging is quite sleek (no pun intended)! However, the fact that you have to apply it with your fingers (or a lip brush, if you may) is quite bothersome, especially if you are on the go.
Would I recommend it? Yes! if you prefer a sheer lip colour. Nope! if you prefer something with more pigment. 

About the Writer
Sonal is a beauty-holic from Pune, who spent her college life in UK basically collecting British Beauty Products ! Well, i dont blame her, i would have stocked up on Sleek, and No.7 ! This is her first time as a beauty reviewer and she totally sounds like she is ready to have her own blog right? Lets welcome Sonal to Peaches & Blush !!!

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