Written by : Guest Blogger Kiran
One boring Sunday.. after sulking the entire day at home, At night, I nearly died of boredom…
And what do we girls ask earnestly for ?? SHOP !! Obviously!
Luckily, Indian beauty Central (blogger) posted an Inglot sale on shopatmajorbrands.com alert that night (30 % off on purchasing above 2000/-) .I was literally transfixed.. and apparently I was viewing this on my phone but then i was like ”Hang on a second…I need to see this in all its glory”

I had first heard about Inglot via youtube and had visited their store tooo… (mesmerized)
They have the most amazing quality eyeshadows, blushes, liners (gel), nail polishes and all that kinda jazz..
I took me an hour to narrow the items down to 3 eyeshadows, 1 blush, 1 gel liner and white sand block (just to bring my total to 2000/-)
Briefly.. their eyeshadows are categorised under..
DS-Double Sparkle
AS– Advanced Sparkle
AMC– Advanced Makeup Components
What i bought, thy ask ??
Eyeshadows (All Rs 300)
390 Matte Eyeshadow– Matte brown beige color                                                                        
480 DS Eyeshadow- Vibrant blue with tiny silver sparkles                                                          
465 DS Eyeshadow- Deep brown with gold sparkles (Semi matte with lots of sparkles)      
Blush – Rs 350/-        
Blush 28- Dusky Pink with very minute shimmer (doesn’t show on the cheeks that much)    
Gel Liner – Rs 650/-
78 AMC- Gel eye liner—matte charcoal black                                                   

  465 DS Eyeshadow
 390 Matte Eyeshadow
 480 DS Eyeshadow
 78 AMC Gel Liner
Excellent colour pay off.
Blend well.
Have a lovely texture (not chalky at all).
I have found no problems with fall-out so far.
&& I love how the glittery shades are glittery without being too chunky.
Gel eyeliner is the prettiest, creamiest, water resistant liner EVER !!!.
Ps-Shopmajorbrands has the friendliest customer service (no I’m not affiliated to them).
None actually.
Except I wish they gave a brush with the gel liner.

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