Call me Harry Potter obsessed, but makeup brushes remind me a little bit of wands. You know how they look at wands, hold it in both their hands  and say ‘ Dragon Heart String, Phoenix Hair…6 inches’. I sometimes feel like doing that with my brushes -‘Sable hair, 7 inches, crease blending’. Okay, before you think i am completely crazy, Im not…the lack of food is going to my brain (Yes its Karva Chauth and yes i am not married, but apparently if you are engaged you have to keep it so …yeah….lack of food )

Vega Professional Range PB-15 Eye Brush
Vega Claims “This Round Contour Brush is used for eye shadows and is a perfect blend of sable and goat hair.”

Overall Verdict: 4/5 or A-

Will I Repurchase: Yes
Price: Rs 275/-

Recommendation: For the price this retails at, it is a very good deal. I use this to apply eyeshadows into my crease and blend them out, and what i really like about this is that it has the perfect amount of thickness, volume and length. It picks up and deposits crease color really nicely and blends well too. The only thing that’s really not so nice about it is that the bristles are not as soft as high end makeup brushes. Also ,after 3-4 uses, you will notice little strands of hair poking out from the brush. Keeping in mind the price difference between this and high end brushes, i dont really mind.

Vega Professional Range PB-6 Eye Shadow
Price: Rs 220/-

Vega Claims “This brush has been designed for the even spreading and blending of Eye Shadow. The special shape of this brush is specially designed for the eyes so that the deposit is not made in patch but gets distributed evenly.”

Overall verdict : 3/5 or B-

Will I Repurchase: No

Price: Rs 220/-

Recommendation: Its a basic eyeshadow shader/ applicator brush, and while the bristles are really soft, and well packed , i dont feel it really picks up color as well as other brushes can. Also, i didn’t find too much of a difference between this brush and the regular Vega eye shader Brush , even though this is thicker it still does the same okay-ish job at picking up color

Vega Professional Range PB-12 Deer Foot

Vega Claims “ This deer foot brush ideal for blending extra eye shadow and also good to pick up large amout of eye shadow for large eyes”

Overall verdict : 4/5 or A-

Will I Repurchase: Maybe

Price: Rs 300/-

Recommendation:  Initially i wasn’t really sure how to use this one- its angled and its really fluffy. But i really like it for blending all the eyeshadow out towards the browbone once you are done with the application. The bristles are really soft and its very densely packed- making it the ideal candidate for blending out large portions of eyeshadow. Vega also claims that it can be used to pick up a large amount of eyeshadow for large eyes, but unless you are an alien i cant think of how you would use such a large brush for that. It is ideal for blending all your harsh lines IMO.

Final Verdict: I really recommend PB 12 and PB 15 if you are on a budget and don’t want to splurge on MAC Brushes. PB 6 was just about okay, it just cannot compare at all to how a MAC 239 picks up color, but  if you aren’t too finicky about your brushes, it is still a good buy

PS: Did you notice how all of these are PB? (Peaches & Blush)

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