As much fun as i have writing this blog, it is completely exhausting to balance out my work, my personal life, as well as  click a million photographs and find constant inspiration to regularly update this place !! I really think some fresh voices need to be heard on here- something different !

There are some very simple rules for guest blogging:

  • If you are writing about something that needs pictures, then I need clear pictures (Im not saying DSLR quality, but unclear cell phone camera pics just wont do)
  • You can write about anything except hauls- by anything i mean anything that is makeup, beauty, fashion essay about your favourite pet will not be posted here
  • You dont have to own a blog to write , but if you do then you will get a nice little intro and link back to your blog. 
  • You can be of any nationality, race, color, religion, sex..i dont care!
Whats in it for you?
  • All of you who own a blog will get a link back to your blog as well as an intro- i know in the past guest bloggers have had a significant  spike in traffic from articles posted here.
  • For those who do not own a blog, if you send me atleast 2 articles that are posted here and meet the requirements, you will be compensated with a flat fee. This will happen through paypal/ bank transfer and no it will not make you a millionaire, but lets say 3 articles should  cover a mac lipstick!
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