This post has been written by a Guest Writer: Swastika Chandra
Towards the beginning of winter when the cold cream advertisements start airing on TV, it  always reminds me that I need to reorder my wardrobe to fit in all the warmer stuff. It’s a huge task, as space is always at premium in my wardrobe (I envy people whose wardrobes are always organized, sadly I am not one of them). I would usually do an online research of seasonal trends and check what I have among them. Then I decide on 1 or 2 pieces that I will invest in that season. This helps me build up my on winter wardrobe. I love winter though I don’t get much of it in my city Kolkata. I love my jackets, I love Christmas and I love the party season. Below are my winter wardrobe essentials (and some non essentials which I have fallen in love with..)

Winter Essentials

The below list covers me for both work and casual occasions

– Denims: 2 Denims – one in light wash and one dark wash. I prefer one to be skinny and the other to be boot cut. Fit is crucial so try before you buy. Denims are timeless investments. Buy the best you can afford.

– Black trousers in a slightly heavier fabric. Again I can’t emphasize enough on the fit. I bought a suit and wear it as a set and also as separates.

– A wool knee length skirt paired with stockings, for those who love skirts and their legs ;). I personally am not a skirt person (read I think my legs are fat)

– A Jumper in jersey material– for casual day outs

– A pullover, I love Benetton for these. Goes great with my denims.

– A blazer for work(or two). Black is versatile/another one could be charcoal grey or beige

– A long coat . Skip this if your city doesn’t really need such warm clothes (Yes Mumbaikars, I am talking to you  )

– A leather jacket ; this can take you through your evening outs

– A cropped denim jacket; pair them with your dresses /fitted tops when it still isn’t so cold or if you are out shopping in the afternoon sun.

– Cardigans : get as many as you want but the basic colors are black,grey, brown,red, beige. A sequined one in black for your evening wear is useful too
– I also invested in some slightly heavy jackets,(I have white and brown) , Corduroy semi formal ones , so that they can do double duty of work and play.

– For your Indian wear, stoles are versatile; they are pretty inexpensive and can double up as scarves. I prefer to add color to my wardrobe through these.

– Some scarves , if that is your style..these too can make your outfit pop like stoles
– One/two embroidered shawls, for when you are wearing Shadi clothes and need to cover up(I hate winter wear with Shadi clothes, though I remember attending a friend’s shadi in Delhi when it got too cold in the night and this came to my rescue). I feel cream with colorful embroidery goes with most of my outfits and another black one for darker sarees/suits.

Add a pair of boots to add style, some warm socks and welcome the winter in style.

About the Writer
Swastika is  a marketing professional from Kolkata who is crazy about everything beauty and fashion related (Aren’t we all??) This is her first stint at fashion  writing, and i totally loved everything she picked out from Polyvore! In Delhi, i definitely face VERY harsh winter , so im going to be stocking up on some of these

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